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                Products & Solutions

                  location : Home > Products & Solutions > 4DTM Intelligent Low NOX Burner

                Technical characteristics of  4DTM  intelligent low NOx  burner



                1、Lower NOx emissions can be obtained; 

                2、Excess air coefficient of suitable main burner area ,the ratio of SOFA air and the height of SOFA from the main burner can be chosen to obtain lower NOx emission according to the characteristics of coal burning;

                3、Other technical problems existing in boiler simultaneously can be solved such as low stable combustion ability of load, high carbon content of fly ash and slag, large deviation of smoke temperature at furnace outlet, slagging in furnace and high temperature corrosion.

                4、SOFA burner is added above the main burner, and the main burner only need to be properly transformed for applying this 4DTMcombustion technology. The work  can be completed during theoverhaul period of the boiler.

                5、Low investment, low operation and maintenance cost, as well high safety;

                6、The initial investment of MAS-LNCT is small due to the simple equipment, small amount of work compared with SCR and SNCR technology, the basic operation and maintenance costs is unrequired because of no catalyst and reductant; and no escape of ammonia, leaks or other security issues.



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